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How our referral program works

We recognise that referral business is the lifeblood of any successful business. We want to encourage our existing customers, as well as casual site visitors, to refer their business associates and personal contacts who operate businesses to us, so that we can assist them to reduce their energy costs.

In recognition of the value to our business of new clients, we provide our referrers with rewards that reflect their valuable contribution to the growth of our business.

Our Exciting New Loyalty Program

We are excited and happy to introduce a new client Loyalty Program.

If you recommend a new client to our Energy brokerage and they sign an energy agreement through us, we will send you a thank you gift for your effort and ongoing support. Energy Alliance will then qualify your recommended client’s energy usage, and if they qualify as a large business client or commercial client, we will send you a $50 loyalty voucher of your choice; for example:

  • $50 movie voucher
  • $50 Liquor voucher
  • $50 iTunes voucher
  • $50 Bunnings Voucher

If the client you recommend qualifies as a small to medium business client (SME), we will send you a $20 loyalty voucher of your choice.

All you have to do is provide us with the contact details of the person or business you would like to recommend. Also, please remember to provide us with your own name and mailing address, so we can send you out your loyalty voucher.

Please note: Loyalty vouchers are only redeemable if your recommended client signs an energy agreement through our Energy brokerage. Loyalty vouchers will be sent out to you directly after the actual date that your client successfully transfers over to their new energy agreement.

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