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Our understanding this market and how it operates is the key to successful outcomes for your business.

We are an independent energy broker.

The role of an independent energy broker is to use their market knowledge and leverage to find the best possible outcome in both pricing and network structure, so the client can minimize their expenditure

Sounds simple...unfortunately it isn't!

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Onsite energy management.

Onsite Energy Management is made possible through the meters installed as part of the process of becoming a commercial energy customer. These Type 4 – Communication meters are read remotely and provide accurate real time information.

We provide online access to detailed reports relating to each individual site.

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The Australian Energy Market consists of:

The National Energy Market (NEM). This represents approximately 89% of the National Market and operates in SA, Tasmania, VIC, NSW and QLD.

The Western Australia Energy Market (WAEM). This represents 10% of the National Market.

Northern Territory and Horizon Power (which looks after the North Western region of Western Australia) This represents 1% of the National Market.

We operate in the deregulated markets of the NEM:

By geographical area is the largest interconnected electricity network in the world

Serves nearly 9 million customers

Covers 4500 km

Has 268 registered generators

Has 13 separate distribution networks

Management of the National Energy Market

AEMC – Australian Energy Market Commission (who write the rules)
AER – Australian Energy Regulator (who enforce the rules)
AEMO – Australian Energy Market Operator (who manage the market)

It is our knowledge of and sound understanding of the National Energy Market that gives us the edge in providing excellent outcomes for our clients.

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