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5 Simple Steps to ‘Target 40’

The Energy Alliance not only purchases energy at fantastic rates, but we also manage your energy consumption. As part of our commitment to reduce your energy costs we have just launched the ‘Target 40’ campaign, where we bring leading edge products and training to your attention that can help reduce your energy usage by up to 40%.*

There are 5 simple steps below to achieve this reduction.

Step 1

Energy Training Programs –
save 5%* plus off your energy bill

It is amazing what a little bit of education for all staff can do to the bottom line of your energy bill. Educating staff on ways to save energy via simple actions can really ‘stack up’ if people can be motivated to do it.

Step 2

AuziMax CEMS –
save 10%* off your energy bill

The AuziMAX Commercial Energy Management System (CEMS) offers your organisation the ability to take control of your energy expenditure and generation. It can monitor all your buildings energy needs including lighting, HVAC, standby power, etc… It provides comprehensive reporting tools for data analysis (via web portals or mobile / tablet application) and the ability to control energy loads via automated switching if required. A must for all businesses.

Step 3

LED Lighting –
save 10%* plus off your energy bill

LED lighting is the latest, and best, technology in energy efficient lighting. LED lights are super-efficient using between 40% – 85% less than present lighting styles such as incandescent or halogen lighting. They also have significantly longer lifespans bringing you maintenance savings as well.

Step 4

Demand (kVA) Reduction –
save 5%* plus off your energy bill

Some areas of QLD, NSW VIC, Tas and SA are affected by network charges known as ‘demand charges’. These are on your energy bill in the network section and can be very expensive. However energy demand can be regulated (via our clever technology) therefore lowering your energy bill.

Step 5

Solar Energy –
save 15%** plus off your energy bill

Solar energy for businesses is no longer a question of why? Rather, why not? With quality solar panels and inverters now affordable for business, solar is a great way to reduce your base load (amount of daily energy used). You will reduce your energy bills, improve the environment, add value to your business’s profitability, and in some cases can get credit from the energy retailer for feeding energy back into the grid. Call us now to see how Solar can work for your business.

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