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We offer a range of services

Energy Alliance provides its services specifically to Franchise Groups and Recognised Associations to assist them to add value to the services they provide to their franchisees and members. Our services include:

Energy Brokerage

Energy Brokerage

We have developed long standing relationships with all of the major energy retailers in Australia, and we utilise our vast knowledge and industry experience, to strongly negotiate on behalf of Franchise Groups and Associations, to achieve outcomes that their franchisees and members would be unable to achieve, without engaging us to provide our brokerage services.

Once your business has submitted its most recent energy bill for our free analysis we undertake the following process:

Utilising our proprietary bill analysis software we determine the retailer offering the best energy pricing for the particular level of energy use and patterns of energy use in your business.

Once we have completed our analysis we e-mail to your business a detailed savings report which outlines the amount we can save your business should you choose to adopt our recommendation for future energy supply and our brokerage fee.

If you decide you wish to proceed to obtain a better deal for your business we simply require a return e-mail confirming same and we will dispatch the relevant paper work to initiate the savings process.

Once you sign and promptly return this paper work and our brokerage fee, we engage with the relevant provider and commence the process of transferring your account to the selected provider. This process normally takes 6 – 8 weeks.

The transfer process includes changing over your meter to a Type4 – Communications meter and once this meter is installed your transfer will be complete.

You will be contacted by our meter installers to make arrangements to install the new meter. You will be given at least 7 days notice in order for you or your representative to be present at the installation.

At this point, the energy retailer takes over, and you will receive your first account from them approximately six weeks after the changeover. We suggest that once you receive this first bill, you forward a copy to us, so that we can double check that the energy retailer has correctly processed everything, according to the new agreement you signed with them.

Site Energy Audits

Site Energy Audits

We undertake site energy audits of individual commercial and industrial sites throughout Australia to initially determine;

  1. whether or not the correct tariffs are being applied,
  2. whether the best use is being made of off peak energy,
  3. whether energy savings can be effected by means other than reduced pricing,
  4. whether or not green energy is a suitable option for a partucular site, and
  5. whether or not the site would benefit from ongoing monitoring of its energy usage.

Our site energy audit process involves a site visit by one of our energy experts who will;

  1. conduct a walk thru to visually identify existing energy infrastructure and equipment utilised in the business,
  2. meet with management to determine usage patterns and times of peak load,
  3. discuss options available in terms of energy reduction products and services,
  4. provide indication where necessary of potential hazards and issues of electrical non-compliance that need to be further investigated by qualified personal, and
  5. gather any other information which will enable a complete report to be prepared.

Your comprehensive report will be delivered to you within 7 days of the completion of the site audit. This report will contain all of our recommendations for your consideration and appropriate action.

Tariff Restructuring

Tariff Restructuring

We regularly find that commercial and industrial premises are operating under tariffs that are outdated or inappropriate to the level of energy use at the site.

In particular, peak demand rates are often incorrect or rescheduling processes to take advantage of lower rates available at different times of the day, can deliver significant cost reductions.

Our tariff restructuring activities can lead to substantial savings over standard contract periods for the types of businesses that regularly engage us.

Over many years, we have developed significant expertise and gained extensive knowledge in respect to the complexities of energy tariff structuring and network delivery charges.

As tariffs and charges are not always aligned to the interests of the business consuming the energy, we utilise our experience and expertise to negotiate the most appropriate network tariff, for your business.

Metering Solutions

Metering Solutions

We provide world class metering solutions to monitor your energy usage.

Our data integrity is of the highest calibre and allows for accurate appraisal and analysis of commercial and industrial energy usage.

The benefits of our metering solutions include:

  1. Real time information re daily consumption that can be acted upon to prevent future bill shock
  2. Analysis from a technical and financial perspective to enable better power usage management
  3. Monitoring of Co2 emmissions
  4. Ability to benchmark usage against similar businesses in the same industry
  5. Accurately measuring peak demand loads to reduce operational costs during peak demand periods
  6. Providing evidence to justify and negotiate future tariff restructuring with energy providers

Our metering solutions are delivered as part of the process of moving your business from SME market contracts to Commercial Energy Purchasing rates. The investment required to install the new meter is generally well covered by the ongoing savings delivered via the more attractive commercial energy rates.

Energy Management Strategies

Energy Management Stratergies

We have long term experience in helping businesses to identify areas of where energy usage can be reduced.

Managing energy use and utilising energy saving technologies can deliver savings of between 35% to 90% with lighting, and up to 30% with HVAC (air-conditioning) and refrigeration.

Through our extensive industry experience, sound industry knowledge and technical understanding of available solutions, we are able to help any business formulate appropriate energy management strategies.

We provide this service via consultancy arrangements, and our fees for this service, are negotiated on a case by case basis.

The Energy Alliance have created the “Target 40” campaign to help businesses reduce their energy consumption by up to 40%. Please click here to see how your business can start reducing energy usage immediately, and start saving serious money off their energy bills.

If you would like more information, please contact us, and we will prepare a consultancy proposal for your consideration.

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